At Square Pear I work with you to create beautiful products and fabric from drawings.


What do I need from you?


Some art!

Go bananas, anything goes. Stick bits, layer up fabrics, stitch, paint and draw. Note that glitter will show as a matt fleck not sparkly and bright colours and paints get great results in print.

Need ideas - Check out the gallery and take a peek at what others are up to.


A great photo

Take a picture outside in natural light - sunny or cloudy its all the same.

Make sure you get a nice steady image on the largest file setting you can.

See image below for more tips.

I always edit and clean them up with a bit of magic so don't worry about splats and finger marks.


A decent file size

Jpg files are what your phone will save and these work great.


You can also use a scanner but the file must be large.

1.5MB and above for a small image you would like repeated.

3.5MB and above for a large print.

The larger the MB the better the image quality for me to edit.

Small files will end with KB and they can be very pixelated when I increase their size in editing.


Too techy? No worries, just upload what you have and I will touch base if any problems.

Choose your product/s

Upload images direct from your picture gallery on your device. This gives me a nice big file to work with. 

I will get back to you with a couple of previews for you to choose from. Best of these these previews are FREE so you are under no obligation to purchase.

Once you have chosen your preview I will send an invoice or paypal, direct to your email.

In the message box when uploading your images - let me know any special requests

ie : please repeat the print, or can you delete the red butterfly in the corner, or can you add some text/names.

And that's about it! I am here to help, don't be shy - message me if you have any questions. 

The products are made here in NZ, and I aim for delivery with 3 weeks.

Click here for more Frequently asked questions