This is me, Pip, through the eyes of my 7 year old.

Little or big, we all have a creative bone somewhere and I will help you create super special pieces using your own or your little ones art.

You send me the art, I will whiten, brighten and print it all over products. Loads of fun!

I have been a clothing designer for over 15 years and this creative work allowed me to dive into the world of fabric design when a collection needed something a bit more unique.

On leaving my design job to be Mum I contracted to companies to create fabric prints and products to suit. A little light bulb went bing and Square Pear took shape between making snacks and avoiding piles of washing.

It’s an ever evolving adventure for me and I’m always keen to hear your thoughts -

If you are after some extra help you can always contact me here.

I am also available for commercial fabric print design, fundraising, bulk products for artists or a brainstorm and a chat if you need.

Happy designing from Wellington, NZ